Migrating data between different types of databases is not a trivial task. In this article, we will compare several ways of converting from SQL Server to PostgreSQL.

Microsoft SQL Server is a great database engine, but it has drawbacks in some cases.

Free Microsoft SQL Server Express can be used successfully for small databases.

Limitations of SQL Server Express:

  • 1GB maximum memory used by the database engine
  • 10GB maximum database size
  • 1MB maximum buffer cache
  • CPU the lesser of one (1) socket or four (4) cores (number of SQL user connections NOT limited)

For large databases, you may need to get the paid version of…

It used to be that people first downloaded software onto a physical computer and then ran it. Now, with cloud computing, you no longer need to worry about awkward downloads. Instead, you can use all the same services online from anywhere and see updates in real-time.

Why businesses migrate their legacy applications to clouds?

  1. Probably the first main reason for moving to the cloud is access to virtually unlimited computing resources. Cloud elasticity and scalability are essential elements of cloud computing.
  • Cloud elasticity is the ability of a system to manage available resources based on current workload requirements dynamically.
  • Cloud Scalability is a scalable system infrastructure to meet…

BRATISLAVA, SlovakiaJan. 14, 2021 — Slotix s.r.o. today announced the release of a new major version of DBConvert Studio 2.0

DBConvert Studio is the most suitable software solution for database administrators who need complex migrations and synchronization between the most popular DBMS.

DBConvert Studio supports the most popular on-premises databases and Database Cloud platforms. It becomes a brilliant all-in-one solution, combining robust database migration engines with an updated, user-friendly interface.

Find full details about the application at https://dbconvert.com/dbconvert-studio

“We are very pleased to provide our customers with a new version of our flagship product DBConvert Studio. Since version…

Migrating data between different types of databases is not a trivial task. In this article, we will compare several ways of converting from MySQL to PostgreSQL.

Essentially, both MySQL and PostgreSQL are relational databases. But why is there a problem at all?

You might be thinking the path is as easy as the three quick steps below.

1. mysqldump --compatible=postgresql > data.sql2. some_script_that_transforms_mysql_to_postgres_syntax.sh data.sql data.psql3. psql -f data.psql

It was possible to set the value of “ — compatible” option to in old MySQL 5.7. …

Many websites demand users to register or login before they provide any information. Browsers store cookies for each session as the user navigates the website. Other websites may show pop-ups if they do not have location cookies or if the user explicitly consents to the collection of their data.

Indeed, you can simulate user input to enter credentials, click a button to submit a form. Sometimes, you need to press a checkbox to accept website terms while scraping the data.

Another way is to pass session cookies when you send a request to a website. …

Web scraping with PHP

Scraping simple HTML from the Web is not a problem in modern programming languages. While PHP is especially suited for web development, its ability to send HTTP requests is severely lacking. The Requests library for PHP developers is an excellent solution for sending HTTP requests to websites.

Render Javascript webpages.

It’s not enough to download content from a website as-is with a library like PHP Requests. Most modern websites are heavily based on Javascript frameworks like Angular, React, or Vue.js. We can talk about client-side rendering where Javascript content returned as a response needs to be rendered in a web browser. …

A lot of places on the Internet contain many lead generation sources that you can use to market your product or service. Google Maps is probably one of the best to get information about local businesses because of almost all companies presented in Google Maps.

It would take you a lot of time to manually copy and paste data from Google Maps. We offer a better way to scrape Google maps data to CSV, Excel, or JSON data.

If you’re not a coder, it is enough to enter a search query and customize several parameters before launching Google Maps Scraper…

Migrating data between different types of databases is not a trivial task. In this article, we will compare two various tools for migrating from SQL Server to MySQL.

MySQL Workbench is a solution from Oracle to convert various databases to MySQL.

MySQL WorkbenchPros.:

  1. It is licensed under GPL and is free for downloading.
  2. MySQL Workbench first supports new MySQL features before the DBAs adopt it.
  3. As stated on their website: Using migration, users can easily move databases off older MySQL versions to the latest.
  4. Strong support from the MySQL community: Any bugs are reported quickly and eliminated with the highest standards.


Is it possible to convert an SQLite to MySQL “as is”? NO

Obviously, you can export an SQLite database to dump file using SQLite .dump command.

sqlite3 sample.db .dump > dump.sql

Then import SQLite dump into the MySQL database.

mysql -p -u root -h test < dump.sql

But actually, you can’t convert data between two heterogeneous databases this way. In the second step, you will be stuck with errors. The reason is differences in grammar between SQLite and MySQL syntax.

Write a Perl/ Python script to migrate SQLite to MySQL? Maybe

Writing a simple script would help with simple databases.
In the most trivial way python code may look like:

objects = ModelObject.objects.using(‘sqlite’).all()

for obj in objects:

But it is not…

Most websites display the same content for all visitors -no matter what they’re searching for or how they got there.

But people who visit your web site have different purposes. Some want to buy something, others doing research. And some might be trying to find an exit as they don’t know why they are there.

Why should I change website content based on visitor location?

Showing content in different languages for people from different countries would be a good idea.

You can pick up the user’s location and show prices in one’s local currency. This way, your visitors never have to look up exchange rates. In most cases, they finish…

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